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The James L. Maher Center believes that all adults with  developmental disabilities should be recognized as valuable,  contributing community members and have the opportunity to live, work  and play in integrated community settings. We communicate that adults  with developmental disabilities are a resource for our community and our focus is on the substance of their contributions.

Furthermore,  we recognize that the alternative to the programs here at The James L. Maher Center for individuals with developmental disabilities is often one of isolation, stagnation and devaluation. Offering individuals the opportunity to  build community, experience personal growth and obtain significance is the life-transforming work to which The James L. Maher Center aspires. Our community is  changed when all individuals are welcomed. Working to show our community  that we are more alike than we are different from individuals with  developmental disabilities enriches our community. Our community is  transformed when all of us can participate and contribute.

            All People:

  • Have value and should be treated with dignity and respect

  1. Can contribute to the community

  • Should be supported in ways that are important to and important for them
  • Have the right to make choices about their services which should:
  • Be person-centered
  • Be delivered in a caring manner
  • Be of quality
  • Focus on abilities

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Senior Project


Hello, my name is Carsen Prater. I am a senior at Portsmouth High School and for my Senior Project I am working with the Portsmouth Emergency Relief Agency. I am getting people who qualify as disabled registered in the agencies system so emergency services can be best prepared to aid those residents.


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